daikon radish (mooli)

Hindi terms: mooli
English terms: daikon, white radish
Other terms: -
daikon radish (mooli)
daikon radish (Wikipedia)
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SpeciesRaphanus sativus
SubspeciesR. sativus subsp. longipinnatus
Cultivar groupWhite radish
OriginNorth China
Daikon Radish
Radishes in Okage Yoko-chō, Japan
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese蘿蔔
Simplified Chinese萝卜
Literal meaning"White radish "
Korean name
Literal meaningWae radish
Japanese name

Daikon (Japanese: 大根, Hepburn: Daikon, lit. 'big root'), Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus, also known by many other names depending on context, is a mild-flavored winter radish usually characterized by fast-growing leaves and a long, white, napiform root. Originally native to continental East Asia, daikon is harvested and consumed throughout the region, as well as in South Asia, and is now available internationally. In some locations daikon is planted for its ability to break up compacted soils and recover nutrients, but not harvested.