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Baby Eggplants & Onions (Sabzi)By Yashodhara G.Baby eggplants and onions (sabzi) is made with small round eggplants and onions stuffed with a mixture of spices.
Bombay Bread & Vegetables (Pav Bhaji)By Yashodhara G.This common street food, Bombay bread and vegetables (pav bhaji), consists of special roll called pav that you use to scoop to eat the spicy liquid mixture of coarsely mashed vegetables (bhaji).
Eggplant / Baigan BhartaBy Yashodhara G.In this dish eggplant / baigan is roasted, mashed / minced and then cooked with spices.
Potatoes & Scallions (Subzi)By Yashodhara G.Finally cut scallion / hara pyaaz gives this potatoes dish color and flavor. It tastes good with plain paratha, puri, kadhi, kidney beans / rajma, black eye beans / lobia or almost anything.