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Baby Eggplants & Onions (Sabzi)By Yashodhara G.Baby eggplants and onions (sabzi) is made with small round eggplants and onions stuffed with a mixture of spices.
Banging Banana Bread & MuffinsBy Seema S.These banging banana bread and muffins are addictive. Experiment with chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter chips; or nuts - or any combination.
Beet Cutlets (Chukander Chops)By Yashodhara G.These beet cutlets (chukander chops) have a pretty deep-red color. Serve with breakfast, brunch, snack, or as a sandwich or burger patty. Make smaller-sized for appetizers or hors d'oeuvres.
Black-Eyed Peas & Sauce (Lobia Curry)By Yashodhara G.This black-eyed peas and sauce (lobia curry) can be made from dried or canned black-eyed peas. Dried peas need to be soaked in water for few hours prior to cooking, unless a slow cooker is used.
Bombay Bread & Vegetables (Pav Bhaji)By Yashodhara G.This common street food, Bombay bread and vegetables (pav bhaji), consists of special roll called pav that you use to scoop to eat the spicy liquid mixture of coarsely mashed vegetables (bhaji).
Boondi Yogurt (Raita)By Yashodhara G.This boondi yogurt (raita) features tiny gram flour fritters soaked and added to spiced yogurt.
Coconut Dipping Sauce (Nariyal Chutney)By Yashodhara G.This quick and easy coconut dipping sauce (nariyal chutney) recipe for serving with South Indian dishes or as a dip. Prepare and refrigerate for a couple of hours prior to serving for the coconut flakes to soften.
Damie’s Corn Walnut DipBy Seema S.There is really no way to explain this Damie's corn walnut dip... Smoky, spicy, and fresh.
Easy Tortilla SamosasBy Yashodhara G.Delicious and quick! These easy tortilla samosas are made with store-bought tortillas. Make ahead of time and freeze for a quick appetizer. Serve warm with chutneys or ketchup.
Eggplant / Baigan BhartaBy Yashodhara G.In this dish eggplant / baigan is roasted, mashed / minced and then cooked with spices.
Falafel PattiesBy Yashodhara G.Falafal patties are made of dried chickpeas, fresh herbs, and spices that are shaped into balls or patties and deep-fried. Serve as a vegetarian protein-substitute to any salad or sandwich with tahini, hummus, or tzatziki sauce.
Farina Rice Cake (Sooji Idli)By Yashodhara G.Idli is a South Indian dish, served with spicy legume & vegetable soup called Sambhar and coconut (Narial) chutney. It makes a light, healthy, wholesome, filling meal for brunch, lunch / dinner. It is made of Indian sooji or rawa and steamed in idli moulds, depending on the moulds model, 12 to 16 idlis can be steamed in one batch. These can be made ahead of time, reheated in microwave or frozen for future use.
Fluffy Leavened Bread (Bhatura)By Yashodhara G.This deep fried fluffy leavened bread (bhatura) is made with fermented all-purpose flour. Can be made fresh, or pre-make and reheat in a pan, microwave, oven, or freeze for future use.
Fresh Cilantro Sauce (Dhania Chutney)By Yashodhara G.Dhania Chutney is green in color, spicy and sour in taste. Serve as a dipping sauce with almost anything - samosas, pakoras, chops, chaat, and more. Can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks or freeze for several months. Keep airtight to maintain the bright green color.
Garlic Yogurt (Raita)By Yashodhara G.This refreshing Lahasun Raita features plain yogurt and a combination of green garlic with leaves or garlic cloves, cilantro and hot pepper paste. It is also great as a dipping sauce.
Indian Rice Pudding (Phirni)By Yashodhara G.This is a light and quick dessert, made with ground rice and milk and served chilled. Traditionally terra cotta dishes are used to set the Indian rice pudding (phirni). Can be refrigerated for a few days.
Lentil Cutlets (Dal Chops)By Yashodhara G.These protein-rich lentil cutlets (dal chops) are made of whole brown lentils (kali masoor) or split red lentils (laal masoor). Use as a vegetarian burger or sandwich patty, or make smaller for an appetizer or snack.
Nana’s Blueberry Buckle CakeBy Seema S.Nana's Blueberry Buckle Cake is similar to a coffee cake with blueberries throughout the cake and soft cinnamon crumb topping. Super simple and great for breakfast or brunch.
Potato & Fenugreek Fritters (Pakoras)By Yashodhara G.For these Aloo Methi Pakoras, dry gram flour is used to coat and bind the potatoes and fenugreek together and then fried to a golden brown. Great with chutney or ketchup.
Potato & Onion Fritters (Pakoras)By Yashodhara G.For these potatoes and onion fritters (pakoras), dry gram flour is used to coat and bind the potatoes and onions together and then fried to a golden brown. Great with chutney or ketchup.
Potato & Scallion Fritters (Pakoras)By Yashodhara G.For these Aloo Hara Pyaz Pakoras, dry gram flour is used to coat and bind the potatoes and scallions together and then fried to a golden brown. Great with chutney or ketchup.
Potatoes & Scallions (Subzi)By Yashodhara G.Finally cut scallion / hara pyaaz gives this potatoes dish color and flavor. It tastes good with plain paratha, puri, kadhi, kidney beans / rajma, black eye beans / lobia or almost anything.
Red Kidney Beans & Gravy (Rajma Curry)By Yashodhara G.Red kidney beans and gravy (rajma curry) can be made from dried or canned kidney beans. Soak dried beans in water overnight for 6-8 hours prior to cooking, unless a slow cooker is used.
Savory Vermicelli (Namkeen Jave)By Yashodhara G.This light and savory vermicelli (namkeen jave) dish is made with fresh in-season vegetables and Indian short vermicelli (jave or jawe) and seasonal fresh vegetables - corn, peas, beans, carrots, and other mixed vegetables that are readily available.
Seema’s Easy Mini CheesecakesBy Seema S.Simple and cute little single-serve Mini Cheesecakes with vanilla wafer-style cookie crust. Add your favorite prepared fruit topping or pie filling. Great for parties.
Seema’s Pumpkin Muffins & Coffee Can BreadBy Seema S.This incredibly dense and moisture-rich Pumpkin Bread recipe was originally intended to be made in 3 greased and floured coffee cans. They also taste great as 12 jumbo muffins.
Seema’s Macaroni & Cheese CasseroleBy Seema S.This easy Macaroni and Cheese Casserole is a basic roux with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Switch up your cuts of pastas and cheeses - you can even add vegetables like broccoli. What is your favorite version?
Spicy Legume and Vegetable Soup (Sambhar)By Yashodhara G.Sambhar is a thin spicy soup made with split pigeon pea (toor or arhar daal) and vegetables, depending on availability and liking. It is served with South Indian dishes such as Dosa, Idli, Uttapam, Vada etc. It is also delicious with rice, Indian bread or as a soup.
Traditional Indian Ice Cream (Kulfi)By Yashodhara G.This quick and easy Kulfi recipe is a traditonal Indian-style ice cream and tastes very different than regular ice cream. Prepared in cone shaped kulfi molds, or popsicle molds - with or without sticks.